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In a world in which kissing ass and yes ma'aming are hallmarks of a valuable employee as opposed to hard work. A world in which it is more important to look good than be good. A world in which every second decision I make has to guided by bank balance and not by my needs. A world in which selfishness is actually a virtue. A world in which it is a crime to wear your heart on your sleeve. A world in which it is better to be fake and move up instead of being real and thus having to stay at the bottom. A world in which platinum circles not only exist, but are also encouraged and molded. A world in which being a dumb blond entitles you to have the world fall at your feet. A world in which friends are as fickle as the weather. A world in which flowers, stuffed toys and candy hearts are signs of genuine love as opposed to real feelings. A world in which some people always have to pay, and other always get to reap. A world in which a flutter of an eyelid means more than a bleeding heart. A world in which success is measured by the car you drive and your bank balance. A world in which doing right is always wrong. A world in which, if you're pretty enough, you can get away with murder. A world in which, if you're pretty enough, someone else will commit murder on your behalf. A world in which being a strong woman is a personality defect. A world in which a man who cries is an abnormality. A world in which youth becomes an excuse for everything. A world in which thinking is not encouraged. A world in which backstabbing is par for the course. A world in which a pretty girl can have anything and anyone she wants, even if her heart has been replaced with stone, and her head with a golf course. A world in which being part of the herd is preferable to individualism.

In a world in which my greatest fault is being myself.


Excellent post! I know how you feel!

very well written.. and so true !!

WOW! You've written a lot of things I feel too... this is just awesome!!! and unbelievably true!!

I too know how you feel...

Thanks...nice to know that there are a few like-minded souls out there.

The world we live in continues to confound me.

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