The Shoat Statements

Random musings by the multiple voices inside my head.

I am afraid...of being unsuccessful

I am afraid...of never finding a person who loves me

I am afraid...of always being a failure

I am afraid...of never being good enough

I am afraid...that my dreams are too big for this world

I am afraid...that I will soon lose my strength

I am afraid...that the Christmas spirit is lost

I am afraid...that I'll change into a creature that I don't recognize

I am afraid...of losing the twinkle in the eye forever

I am afraid...that I've already changed

I am afraid...of what hate can do to a person

I am afraid...of it being too late

I am afraid...of caring too much

I am afraid...that I'm taken for granted

I am afraid...of others


There's nothing wrong in caring too much. Says a lot of good things about you :)

I'm so much like you..
and I'm really afraid too....


Thank you both.

Somehow DeeCee, it just doesn't feel like a good quality to have.

Lady D, I get the same feeling when I read your blog!

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