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In no particular order, here are some deep philosophical questions about men...

  • Why do they hit on you, when they're already with someone?
  • How do you know when they're hitting on you, and when they're being friendly? Seems to me that there is precious little difference.
  • Why do they think each and every women is waiting in queue for them to glance that way?
  • Why is anything in a skirt fair game?
  • When you smile at them, why do they assume that it's a come-on?
  • WHY is sex on their minds every two minutes?
  • Why is it when that they pass forty, they assume that women just aren't as good workers as men?
  • Why do they want their wives to emulate the Virgin Mary, and then run after women who are diametrically opposite to that?
  • Why do they want to boast to other guys about their sexual conquests?
  • How can they watch porn 8 hours a day at office?
  • Why don't they ever try out what they watch with such religious zeal?
  • Why are they so insanely jealous of all your male friends?
  • Why is it that they find it so difficult to look at your face when they talk to you?
  • How can they not like shopping?
  • HOW can they not like chocolates?
  • Why are they so squeamish about homosexuals, but turned on by lesbians?

Feel free to add your own questions here...

Why is it that we expect so much from our friends? Well, at any rate, why do I? I've never had too many of them, and from the few that I have had, they were just as liable to stab me in the back as they were to offer a shoulder to lean on. Nevertheless, no sooner I find a person that becomes a good friend, I end up expecting the world of them...well, maybe not the world, but pretty damn close.

I'm known to play Agony Aunt, and am always there to help out people, strangers or friends. In the case of friends, I give them my all, perhaps because I value friends more than I value anything else. The silly thing is, I expect to get as good as I give, which almost never happens. Or rather, not so much that I expect it, but when I don't receive the support that I need, I realize what it is that I wanted from them. Sad but true.

The thing is, when one is a loner, we can handle almost anything by ourselves. But when you get used to start to expect things from them. Which is rather silly, if you go to think about it. But it happens all the same.

Is it just me?

So...I've been away for almost a month. Well, actually, three days short of a month (but with food posioning, Avurudu ads et al, I have a solid excuse).

Let my first post start where I left off earlier. Insurance. It is such a scam in this country. And I'm not talking about a particular company. They're all pretty much the same. The first time I knocked someone else's vehicle, my insurance agent informed me that they will not pay for the damage caused by me to some poor unsuspecting soul. Despite my having 'full insurance'. Why? Well, apparently, we both have to be insured by the same insurance company to eligible to actually pay for our sins. Oh yeah, and the other option is to go file a police complaint, wait till it goes to court, and they pronounce me guilty as charged.

As if.

I find this completely, totally, ridiculous. What on earth is 'full' insurance, if you can't pay for the damage you cause? And while I'm on the subject, why the hell does strange sums get deducted from my claim because my car is old (over 10 years)? Did they not know they were insuring an old car when I got the policy??????

I could go on & on & on...but someone wants to use this computer, so I shall be back later, probably to rant a little bit more.

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