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I think I'm going to stop calling people losers. Because I have realized that I too am a loser. Why? Because I consistently lose. I seem to end up consistently batting for the wrong team. I must be doing something wrong, right?

When parents say that they love all their children equally, does anyone really believe them? More importantly, do the kids believe them? No one can love any two (or three or four) people equally. Let us be honest - they love the one who catches their fancy the most. Usually, they end up picking the wrong damn kid. And because of that, the right kid who gets left behind also goes wrong. It takes a very, very smart parent to hide their preference. Haven't met many in that mold.

And now let's move onto that other category - lovers, them what you may. How stupid are we, to believe them when they make us feel that we are the best thing to ever have hit them? No really, if they love us so much, why can't they commit to us? If they find us so adorable, how come they don't want to be with us? If we make them happier than anybody else possibly could, why on earth do they not want to be in our arms till eternity? If you are such a mythical, mystical creature, how could they possibly not love you? When you spend two years with a person who still can't manage to say 'I love you', it really is time to read the writing on the wall. Why do people take you into their lives, make you an intrinsic part of it, only to turn around and drop you like a hot brick?

It is because are losers, and they are too polite to tell it to us. People who are just not up to the mark, for some strange (or not so strange) reason. Losers, clearly, are not worth fighting for. They are not really worthwhile being around, and they are too dumb to see the signs. As perfect as we losers think we are, we clearly are not. For some, we are not pretty enough. Or young enough. Or educated enough. Or cute enough. Or lady-like enough. Or macho enough. get the drift. Losers, in other words, are second best. Or third best, if you are really unlucky.

Today, I announce to the world that I am a loser. No, I'm not proud about it. Most certainly not happy about it. I'm just being really, brutally honest with myself.

Got tagged by Jack Point, and didn't want to break the momentum, so I'm stepping out of my study break to list ten things that make me happy.

  1. Chocolate: With liqueur, with mint, with nuts, the white kind, Maltesers...yum! They can make me happy anytime, anywhere.

  2. Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl: Happy happy happy movie. It always leaves me with a smile. Especially when I'm depressed.

  3. A warm, tight hug.

  4. Someone playing with my hair.

  5. A massage: From my shoulders down to the base of my spine. It is guaranteed to always make me feel better and leave me happy.

  6. A special look, from a special someone.

  7. A compliment.

  8. Playing in the ocean.

  9. Bon Jovi: Any song, any time. He has a song to suit every mood you're in. At least every mood I'm in. And it always leaves me with a smile. Happy.

  10. Sushi: The real stuff, not just seaweed stuffed with omelettes.

When I'm back from my exams, I'll probably do a separate post with a fuller list and more details. Till then, happy blogging!

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