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On my AE's wall, it says that if you swallow a live toad every morning, nothing worse can happen to you for the rest of the day. So apt. What could possibly be worse than swallowing a live toad?

Good advise moreover, for days like these. Stress, stress and more stress. The harder I try, the harder I fall. It never ceases to amaze me how my banshee of a boss can only find fault with me (even when I've done no wrong), when everyone else gets off scot free. Practically everyone else here screws up. Is there a neon light above my head that helps her gravitate exclusively towards me? I must be the ugliest woman in office, a seemingly safe bet for the most lecherous client ever, but no. He'll do anything that moves. More trouble for me.

And then we have soggy, foggy, marshy miserable wasteland that is also known as my personal life. All I did was be a good friend. Perhaps a slight lapse in judgement, but all things considered, I don't think it was a major one. Sleeping over at a guy's house is not normally something I do, but given the circumstances, I really didn't think it would catapult me into the 'slut' category (especially since no one even thought of touching each other). But apparently, good intentions is not enough to keep you from getting crucified. Funny how similar life & law is: motive is irrelevant. So I was wrong. Like no one else have ever made mistakes, right? At 28, I'm supposed to be perfect, right?

Back to office. Why is it so hard to find five minutes of solitude? Even after complaining aloud (and by aloud I mean really, really loudly) about the number of (unwanted) people in my room, and the noise pollution, they still can't take the hint. To add insult to injury, every topic discussed only manages to raise my blood pressure. I have to walk out of my own room to look for a moment's peace.

Every evening, as I lay in my bed, I hear the frogs croaking. Usually, I'm terrified of them, and keep thinking of calling someone to chase them away. Tonight, I think I'll just put my fear aside and catch a couple of them. That way, the worst thing that could happen tomorrow would happen in the safety of my own home even before I meet the outside world. How bad then could tomorrow possibly get?

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