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I passed. In spite of all the drama, alcohol, tears, stress, office, money worries... in short, the roller coaster life I lead. Can't say that I passed well, but looking at everyone else, I guess you could say that it's ok. At least I have the relief of knowing that I didn't waste a year, or a hell of a lot of money for nothing.

Unfortunately, I'm not happy. It's rather disappointing to think that I was actually expected to fail. People have an uncanny knack of ruining everything. Anyways. Hopefully, the joy will kick in again in a couple of days.

This might also be a good time to thank all my friends who helped me through it - the one who bought the books for me all the way from England, the one who chose to forgo his own pleasure by forcing me to study, the one who kept reminding me of what my priorities should be, the one who kept encouraging me despite my incessant whining, the one who bought me food when I was happy to starve myself and the three who were just there for me.

Thank you all. There is no way I would've passed without all of you.

"I am HIV positive" read the band on my colleague's table, a relic from a previous ad campaign intended to raise awareness of HIV. I had never taken particular notice of it, and I doubt that even she had. Until a hot-shot senior executive was recruited, and for some reason has ended up sharing our room. He saw the band, and asked her, in all earnest, what it meant. She told him it meant that she was "HIV positive". He stepped back a good 5 feet or so, and declared that he should stay away from her.

The two of us were shocked - not only from his obvious ignorance and blatant discrimination, but also by his tactlessness (what if she had been positive?). While she did the goldfish thing with her mouth, I explained to him that HIV was not an airborne disease, and he wouldn't contract it just by being around someone who was HIV positive. His answer was that "you never know" and "must be careful". At this point my colleague found her voice and quickly stepped into explain matters to him, when she saw the steam coming out of my ears - not that it helped clarify things to him. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Sometime later in the day, I found myself alone with the two of them again, where we patiently explained that though she wasn't HIV positive, his reaction highlighted his ignorance about the illness, and also showed a lot of prejudice. He was completely unmoved, and maintained that his attitude was the safest. Due to the risk of being put away for murder, I declined to argue further, though I made sure he knew exactly what I thought of him.

These are the people who form the so-called "Colombo Crowd"; the know-all and be-all of society, going to all the right schools, hanging out with all the right people, drinking at all the posh places...if this is the level of ignorance manifest in them, I have no hope for the rest of the island.

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