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Tact. As always, conspicuous by its absence. From those near and far. And it manages to upset me every time. But it's a good thing that I have time to reflect. Because reflection shows that people, near or far, are not bound by anything under the sun (or moon) to take my feelings under consideration. Why should they? Laugh, joke and go about your own business. In this big wild selfish scary world, we need to be able to take care of ourselves.

Being independent isn't just about being able to pay for oneself (which, incidentally, I barely manage) and taking care of oneself. I think it also means being insular to the world around you. It means not expecting anything from anyone - whether it be big or small, and whether they be near or far. It means getting used to tactlessness, to selfishness; in short, getting used to this world we inhabit. When one doesn't have to rely or expect anything from anyone, isn't that being truly independent?

One day. Someday. Soon. I shall be truly independent.

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