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...women have to wear a sari to court in Sri Lanka? A woman can so easily look professional without having to wrap herself up in 6 yards. I can understand the colour restrictions (applicable to both sexes) but not the whole sari thing.

I mean, if women have to wear saris, shouldn't the men be wearing the national? Why force a colour and a costume on women, but only a colour on men? Plus, as pointed out by so many people, a sari reveals so much more of a woman's body than a suit (pants or skirt) possibly could.

Retarded, chauvinistic rule says I.


...that motorcyclists have absolutely no fear for their own lives? I've lost track of the number of times I've personally wanted to run over a motorcyclist. They overtake from the left, right, on pavements, kiss your buffer, the sides, the mirrors and all this at times without even a helmet...but if a car so much as grazes them (and it's usually their fault), rest assured that there will be a mob at hand to chop your head off.

Seriously, does it not occur to them that a trip to the garage for me could mean a trip to the morgue for them?


...pedestrians feel the need to cross the road five feet away from the pedestrian crossing? It is so annoying that after waiting at a crossing for people to cross, you have to brake and wait less than three feet ahead, because some morons feel that a pedestrian crossing stretches across infinitely.

*********** love life is of such paramount interest to my extended family? Why can't they just watch Mahagedara instead?


...there is never any edible vegetarian food at family gatherings? A token plate of rubber-like fish does NOT count, for those of us who have chosen not to eat meat (and yes, chicken is meat). And a salad is a salad. We cannot eat rice and salad and be satisfied with it.


...people ask for treats? If you want to eat something so badly, go out and buy it yourself. I'm sure the vast majority of us would like to treat our friends & colleagues daily, had we the ability. If we aren't giving a treat, it's because we have a good reason not to, so I wish people would just take the bloody hint.

Last I checked, plenty stores sell Christmas cake/cakes in general/biriyani/wattalappam/kavum/kokis et al, so go get it yourself.


...Pizza Hut is still in business? Most of their pizza taste the same, the seafood is conspicuously absent from the Seafood Supreme, the menu sucks and the prices are exorbitant.

They've also lost most of their sense, because the Pizza Hut marketing dept. seems to think that the best way to entice us to eat their pizzas is by letting us know that mice live inside the pizza crusts! Blech!!!

Did I mention that the portions have also gotten smaller?


Hmmm...that's it for today. Feel free to add your own burning questions here.


sari to court...probably some oooold time law?

hehhe....well..dont look at me coz i also dont have post btw.

When did fish become a vegetarian meal? Hmmmm?

Thanks, Realskull.

Anonymous, fish isn't a vegetarian meal. My point was that there was neither fish NOR anything for veggies. I guess it wasn't too clear.

Hehe... Nice post. :)

A person walks up to you while you're having lunch and says "Ah! Kanava vagey..." Ever wonder why that is?

I guess these little Sri Lankan idiosyncrasies are what makes us 'a land like no other', no? :D

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I know, it seems a bit late to be posting a comment, but I just can't get over the fact that your blog is so interesting.

Just to add my 2 cents, if you think Pizza Hut is so bad, then you shouldn't even go near Dominoes Pizza.

1. The pizza (not only the crust) is sometimes burnt

2. The portions are never cut being the first to open the pizza, I take up the bigger pieces and leave the rest to eat the smaller ones

3. Sometimes you get an excess of Oregano Seasoning and sometimes, Chilli Flakes. You never get both in one pizza

4. The guys at the 'hunger helpline' aren't really good at dealing with customers.

etc. etc.

On the subject of motorcyclists, don't forget to include rickshaws. I often get nearly run over by these idiots when I'm riding my bicycle. So what I do is just ride on the middle of the road, regardless of the autos honking and when they do overtake me, they shout at me, I shout at them and he goes on! :P

As for the pedestrian thing...*glances around in guilt, hoping that no-one knows about his own travails when crossing the road*!

My Dominos experience!

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