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This is what 'proper' Buddhist girls and boys should be like:

They should have no interest in the opposite sex - never mind the fact that from the time a girl starts menstruating, her body is saying that it is readying itself to bear children, and likewise for boys, except that they don't menstruate.

In effect, we teach a legion of children to rebel against all natural physical reactions of their body, and follow a puritanical code of moral conduct that has been deemed 'proper' & 'Buddhist'.

To add to this dangerous foundation, we deny them any kind of entertainment, and the sole focus is studies. The entertainment available is so 'un-Buddhist', anyway. Sports or music/drama is encouraged only for competitive purposes.

Anyone elder to you is always right - dissent or argument is unheard of (again, that is part of being a 'good Buddhist').

Parenting is akin to taming a wild animal - you first break the animal's spirit. Fear, fear and more fear is the way to go. 'Discipline', a word much bandied today, is the be all and end all of life. Heaven forbid you disappoint your parents - oh the shock, the humiliation of it all!

Oh yeah, if you can't handle the pressure of it all (especially the humiliation) at the tender age of 14, don't think for a moment that this country will understand your suicide, because it won't.

Girls shouldn't wear anything short, or sleeveless, or trousers, because that is just not the way of the true Buddhist.

Porn - a concept imported exclusively from the West - is a strict no-no. Boys and girls being attracted to one another(and homosexual attraction even more so) is so unnatural. Curiosity about sex, the same sex or the opposite sex could bring our pristine Buddhist culture crashing down in no time. Likewise the mere hint of violence, usually found on TV.

What has our society turned into - and how on earth is this, ultra-rigid, puritanical, neo fascist society justified in the name of Buddhism?

Wasn't it in this 'pure' Buddhist culture of ours that women walked around bare-bodied? Where kings had concubines? Where almost all our historic sites depict 'artistic' porn, albeit with over-weight women?

From my knowledge of Buddhism, this puritanical crap has nothing to do with it. Buddhism does not preach how one should dress, what relations with the opposite sex should consist of or any such gobbledygook.

So what is our clergy and our politicians on about? Have they confused Buddhism with the Taliban?

All I know is, in their quest to protect this 'pure Buddhist culture' of Sri Lanka, they are doing irreparable social harm, and they are doing more harm to Buddhism than any 'outsider' could ever even dream of doing...hold on, Afghanistan, we're right behind ya!


Its the so called champions of Buddhism that corrupt it for no other reason than their own personal gain be they monk or layman. The Gautama foretold of a time when Buddhism would be forgotten. Only then would the way be open for the arrival of the Maithri Buddha. I guess the monks, politicians and misguided parents are just doing their little part to speed that coming

True enough, I guess.

It's just so sad to see...and how many innocent people, how many innocent animals will suffer because of these people?

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