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Below is a hilarious clip by some Aussie dude (I think) asking the average American some basic questions. Watch the clip - it is totally worth your time!

Some of my favourites are given below, just as a sampler:


Interviewer : What's the religion of Israel?

American 1 : Israeli?

American 2 : Muslim?


Interviewer : What religion are Buddhist monks?

American : Islamic? I don't know.


Interviewer : Who is Fidel Castro?

American : A singer.


Interviewer : How many sides does a triangle have?

American : Four.


Interviewer : What is the currency of the United Kingdom?

American : What is the United Kingdom?


Interviewer : In terms of the war on terror, who should we invade next?

American 1 : Italy

American 2 : India and Pakistan


Interviewer : Kofi Anan is a drink, true or false?

American 1 : Coffee is a drink, true.

American 2 : It sounds like a law firm.


Interviewer : Who is Tony Blair?

American : Tony Blair is an actor.


Interviewer : Who was the first man on the moon?

American : John Glen


Interviewer : What is a mosque?

American : Don't have any idea.

Interviewer : Wanna guess?

American : An animal.


Interviewer : How many world wars have there been?

American : Three.


Interviewer : How many Eiffel towers are there in Paris?

American : I say about ten.


Interviewer : What is al-Qaeda?

American : A suicide group in Israel, in the Middle East. They do suicide bombs and stuff. And the president of it is Yasser Arafat...everyone knows that.


The clip, with much much more ridiculous answers:


wow that was almost physically painful to watch...!!! :D

new theme....... finally decided to move away from the girlish looking one

@ Gehan: wasn't it? Still, incredibly funny! I loved the whole thing with the map, though I didn't want to give the game away by describing it here.

@ Acromantula: new theme came in a few posts ago...and the old one wasn't girly! Just multi coloured pencils :S

Man, these Americans are a bunch of morons......

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