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This article by one Gazala Ayana prompted me to write this post. In case you don't want to peep into the weekend version of the Daily Noise, here's some of what this 'lady' has to say, inspired by those topless pictures which she still believes to have been taken at the Hikka fest.

"Although roses, hearts, cupids are used as symbols of love, a lady is the spirit of love. It is through a lady that a man feels the love and comfort of his mother"

"A woman can be compared to a flower that expresses her beauty, tenderness and love that makes her a “lady”. It’s pathetic that some or rather most women at present don’t realize this."

And the most stupefying sentence to have ever been published in the Sunday Observer:

"Our ancestors were wise, in saying; a woman belongs in the kitchen. It could be the excess freedom given in the “modern” era that gives her the audacity to go over the boundaries."

All together now - OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She rambles on further about how men date many women to find the 'correct' wife for himself, and how this has become the accepted norm in society for a man, though it is unthinkable that a woman should do the same.

She finishes off her Taliban-inspired article with another gem:

"It’s only if a woman tempts a man, that he’ll be tempted. Being a woman, does not necessarily make her a “Lady”. "

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read this (I still don't). A woman belongs in the kitchen? Do we still have people who actually believe that (let alone publish it)? The whole article is just too bizarre for my comprehension. Did I miss a gazette notification somewhere? Is Sri Lanka supposed to be going back in time?

And I'm itching to ask this Gazala Ayana woman - what is she doing writing for a paper, without being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Isn't that where her rightful place is (though she seems better suited for the barn). Sri Lanka produced the world's first female Prime Minister, and she thinks women should stay in the kitchen? (that noise you are hearing right now is probably Sirimavo spinning in her grave).

I pity Ms. Ayana's parents - imagine how many people must be cursing them right now. Were I to advertise my stupidity on a national newspaper in such a manner, I would at least have used a pen name.

And er....'love and comfort of his mother'? Ms. Ayana clearly has found her way into a time machine - she has also found time to drop by Freud's offices before she made her landing at the Middle Ages.

On another note, since when did Sri Lanka become a 'conservative country', as she puts it? A conservative country is Pakistan, or Malaysia or Saudi Arabia.

I cannot emphasize enough on how backward and sexist this article is, and I'm ashamed to see that a woman actually wrote it. I'm still more shocked that the Sunday Observer thought fit to publish such tripe. Are they out of writers or articles? On second thoughts, perhaps they want to be out of readers.

But if anyone else out there is as offended as I am in seeing such backward, sexist baloney being published, please follow the link and write to the Sunday Observer about what you think.


im a guy, and even i found that hilarious...! :D

"And I'm itching to ask this Gazala Ayana woman - what is she doing writing for a paper, without being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Isn't that where her rightful place is (though she seems better suited for the barn)"


this is quite funny.... wonder which time warp she got stuck in

Thank you!! I was wondering if anyone else had the same-gag-what-the-f-was-she-thinking reaction!

I wonder she's here somwhere reading this & smashing some sense into her.


this reminds me of an article titled 'so you want to have an affair?'in the daily mirror by a Sirohmi Gunesekara.

Heres an excerpt.

"Granted, times have changed and women going out to work means that there are more opportunities for flirting and love affairs especially in the workplace.

But woe be unto the woman who starts an affair thinking that she can have her cake and eat it too. No, just because your husband is carrying on with his secretary does not mean that you can easily start an affair too.

To begin with, lovers can be demanding and you probably have enough on your plate coping with a husband and children. You cannot simply scoot off for a Naughty Weekend.

What about your Feelings?

Your husband and you may have fallen out of love ages ago but there are reasons why you are still staying together. Even a straying husband may be thankful for a faithful wife"

Oh my, Delilah, who on earth is that Shiromi character?

These women really are stuck in a time warp, aren't they?

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