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I was filling out some forms in the staff room today, and there was this guy - let's call him 'Jack' - who had come from the head office for some reason, and he was speaking to my (Hungarian) boss - let's call her Andrea. He had all our attention when he said "Andi, you never told me about how weird the prostitutes are in Budapest".

Andrea looked at him with the goldfish look - "Weird?" asks she.

Jack went on to explain to all of us: apparently, in other countries, you know who a prostitute is when you see them. They hang around street corners, sluttishly dressed, just waiting to be picked up.

Not so the ones in Budapest, apparently. In Jack's own words:

"You walk down the street, and stop by an outdoor cafe, or a pub. A woman is seated outside, having a beer. Hello, she says. What is the natural human reaction to hello? You reply - hello. The woman is being friendly, you think. Then she asks - sex?"

We were rolling on the floor laughing! I could almost picture the scene.

Jack said that these women were apparently prostitutes - according to him, they were more like undercover prostitutes.

Andrea's reply? "Oh, they might have been Ukrainian. Hungary got down prostitutes from Ukraine to work the streets because Ukrainian prostitutes handled the cold better and were able to stand outside for longer."


Ha Ha :D

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Liking the new theme!

Well at least they don't beat around the bush! :)


This is hilarious............

This is so funny! BTW, love the change!

As funny as it is - true story!

Thanks everyone - new theme happened completely by accident, but I'm liking it much more than the earlier one as well!

@ Scrumpulicious: Is that pun intended? ;)

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