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Random musings by the multiple voices inside my head.

I have ultra weird dreams, and weirder still is the fact that I remember them in great detail the following morning. So, in tribute to my weird dreams, I've compiled a few of them below.


The One With Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi has come to Sri Lanka, and is having a concert at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, on the beach. The whole event is being handled by a small ad agency, which was formed by a few people who left a much bigger one. I go to the concert with a friend, mega excited. But the concert gets cancelled, because the Chairperson of the aforementioned bigger agency has called in with a bomb threat. Why? Because she couldn't handle the fact that her breakaways were handling the event.

In the ensuing mess, the hotel fights with Bon Jovi, demanding that they pay the hotel for the cost of putting up the concert. Bon Jovi in turn demands that the hotel charge the bigger agency since they made the bomb threat. Poor old me bitch about the concert getting cancelled...then I woke up.


The One With The Fridge

I've redesigned a fridge (yes, truly, the dream went like this). Somehow, my goal was to design a fridge where one could put more stuff inside, as opposed to a conventional fridge. So I've designed a fridge where instead of having shelves inside, I've fixed revolving, spiral, stepped shelves. Now my problem is that I know for a fact that this new fridge is more convenient, but I don't know if the original goal of being able to put more stuff inside has been achieved. So I call my mother, to see if I can borrow her fridge to do a comparison. When I realise that her fridge is a much bigger model, I'm stuck...then I woke up.


The One With The Fish

I'm on a beach trip with some friends. We have a torch, which, when flashed at oneself, makes one smaller (this is actually a tool from a Japanese cartoon, Doraemon). One of my friends makes herself smaller, and perches on top of a fish tank, watching the fish. When I come back from the beach (or was it lunch?), she's missing, presumably eaten by a big nasty fish.

The rest of us transform back to our normal sizes and take the fish, calling her name out loudly while we try to see if the fish had actually swallowed her. But this fish, nasty huge fellow that he is, jumps out of the tank and start snipping at my heels, such that I wind up on top of the table. We eventually got hold of the fish, and rushed to hospital to see if a doctor could cut it open and rescue our friend...then I woke up.


And believe me, these are just a few of my weird dreams...feel free to add your own ones.

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