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People should take note of their surroundings before they start airing dirty laundry.

I was at Commons today, having lunch with a friend. After a while, two teenagers, a girl and a boy, sat down at the next table. Soon, my friend and I were unable to have any kind of sustained conversation. The voices at the other table drowned out even our thoughts, so speech was a foregone conclusion.

We found out, for instance, that they used to go out. We were also privy to the facts that she still wears his ring, that sharing a bed with numerous people doesn't mean one 'got dirty', that the best way to avoid fights at parties is to invite only one's own grade...

I don't think that my friend and I would've had much of a conversation even if they weren't so loud; we were too busy stifling our giggles. I'm sure you get the gist of their conversation, going by the highlights mentioned above.

Seriously though, why would you discuss such intimate details, at such a public place, at such a volume?

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