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I was talking to two friends today, and we were discussing TV programs of all types, and I got thinking.

Like, what on earth do people, especially women, find so fascinating about Sex and the City? The few episodes I watched were dull - they weren't particularly funny, not entertaining, and least of all exciting. Ok, the clothes are ( a bit) jazzy, but it's like watching fashion tv - not like any of us would actually where those stuff, right? Point is, I just don't find Sex and the City entertaining (I was told by a male friend that I didn't like it because I was barely female, but I'm going to let that one pass).

Moving on...there are apparently people who don't find Seinfeld funny. It isn't my number one comedy (that would be How I Met Your Mother and Frasier), but any random episode of Seinfeld always manages to be funny, like ice cream. Yes, I know, ice cream isn't funny, but it's one of those things you can eat, no matter what the brand. True, the quality isn't always that great, but till date, I've never come across ice cream so lousy that I couldn't eat it. Seinfeld is like that - every episode isn't great, but every episode is definitely watchable as in funny watchable.

I'm also beginning to wonder exactly how old I am, because there seems to be a generation of people who don't know what Doogie Howser, MD is...imagine if I started reminiscing about Small Wonder!

Aaaah, the good old '80s and '90s - they had the best shows those days.

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