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Not the kind guys have, but the kind girls have. I started thinking about this when a guy friend told me recently that I don't understand him because I'm not a guy, and I don't share his dispositions.

I went from kindergarten to Class 8 without having girlfriends. It was me myself & I, and that was about it. But then Class 8 happened, and suddenly, I was part of a very close knit group of girls whom I could really identify with. We had slumber parties and endless phone calls and trips to the movies and passing notes during class and indulged in all sorts of things you do with friends. Female friends...good times!

And then I left the country. And thus started another 10-odd years where I didn't really find girls that I gelled with, so to speak. It was me myself & I again (not that I minded) and slumber parties were non existent and late night phone calls were few and far between. There were a few female friends here and there, and while I love them, I can't say that I was part of a wider circle of friends. I think most people found me abrasive and my personality was more a curiosity to be peered at like a museum display. That's what you get I suppose, for not wanting to be part of the butterfly brigade.

Eventually (and by eventually I mean several years later) I graduated to acquiring a small circle of good friends, but, as it happened, they were all gay and none of them female!

Several months ago, I vibed well with a female colleague, and before I knew it, we were having endless phone calls and movie trips. And then that circle started getting wider. And wider. Now I have female friends who trust me, who call me up to chat (even if they don't need help in some manner or form), BBM, and who simply like hanging out with me. Females who don't find my personality a curiosity, but something they identify with. People who actually don't mind sharing a house with me. These women actually like me for me! I had forgotten what it was like to be part of a group. Not a butterfly brigade, mind you, but a group of like-minded, good friends.

I haven't had friends like this since I was in school.

I like it.


the 'butterfly brigade' made me laugh because i'm pretty sure i know exactly who you are referring to.
so lucky you for finding the group you have now.
girlfriends become more and more important as you grow older methinks.

oh and btw i didnt think you were a curiosity :) i quite liked you.

Thank you, Delilah! :)

Now if I could only figure out who you are in real life!

lets just say we were acquaintances :)and i will look you up the next time i'm in TO.

every girl needs her life medication derived from her kinds of humans :)

@ Delilah: :) You better!

@ Gadgetgirl: Nicely put!

There were times I felt like. I am very much a guys girl. And I love it but every girl needs girlfriends in their lives. Thankfully I have some. Not many but enough to totally relate to this post! :)


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