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I remember watching Mangal Pandey with my father, and he remarked that India won our independence for us. When I asked him what he meant, he said that the Indian independence struggle was a bloody one; and we reaped the benefits, with very little effort. I'm beginning to think that he was right; perhaps that is why Sri Lankans seem to value freedom, sovereignty and their country so little.

At one point in recent history, we elected a party to power who all but signed over part of Sri Lanka to the LTTE, and we seemed to be ruled by a consortium of foreign nationals who had everything but this country's best interests at heart. We valued the country's sovereignty so little that we didn't mind letting everyone else rule our land. Several elections, many bombs and yet another war later, I thought we were finally going to move forward. I remember watching TV on May 19, 2009, and thinking that we, the generation born into this war, were finally free. At long last, this country would prosper.

No such luck. An election between the devil and the deep blue sea had the voters choose the devil. And so here we are, watching as 60% of the voters constitutionalize tyranny. What else did they expect when they elected him back into power? We have just shackled generations of Sri Lankans to come with the 18th Amendment. I cannot think of a harsher curse.

30 years from now, we could still have the same president.

30 years from now, we could still have the same president.

That is a very very very scary thought. But maybe by then, they'll officially call him king. Because that is what he will be, right? In fact, that is what he is now, minus the crown. We are not a monarchy. We moved beyond that. Or so I thought. But infinite regression seems to be in vogue.

30 years we suffered for our great grandparents mistakes. Now we just ensured that our great grandchildren will suffer for ours.


well said! i hope you don't mind if i share this.. :)


You can share it wherever you want to.

If possible, please link to the original post or credit the site, but that is not at all compulsory, so if you just want to do an anonymous copy/paste job, that's fine too.

A very sad day for our country.

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Could you please get the fuck out of Sri Lankan then? Piss off to the USA or UK or whatever and live your happy and prosperous life! But no, all you can do is whine like a stuck pig.

why doesnt the person who wrote teh above comment grow some balls and leave a name then?


Well written indeed; our poor nation

I'm glad you realise this now. To some of us it was obvious in 2005.

I don't think the UNP signed over the country at all either, the propaganda machine keeps saying that but revisit the facts all over again, perhaps in a couple of years and reevaluate that opinion.

Thank you, everyone. Sad day for the nation. Sadder still for our children.

I like how when discussions turn to politics, people turn anonymous.

To Anon 1, I would like to say that I prefer to whine like a stuck pig rather than be part of the herd that will blindly agree with any and everything our government shoves down our throat.

To Anon 2, it has been several years since the CFA, and my opinion on that is still pretty much the same.

On CFA there is an old saying about giving ginger and getting chillies?

Dayan J referred to these:

in his article here:

As for anonymity, well with Merv unleashed, lets say we'd rather be safe than sorry. You can take it that his actions have full approval. For example see:

Hey Anon, your last two links are incomplete and therefore don't work.


My dad says the same!

has the queen returned to her other planet?

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