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This is the only election in Sri Lanka that I am missing out on in the last 9 years. I am not sorry to be missing it. The choice really is between the devil and the deep blue sea.

I am one of many who voted MR into power; I did so with the sole hope that he would not sell the country out to the LTTE (unlike the much-maligned RW) and defeat them instead. He did. And I am not going to question the manner in which the war was won, or crib about human rights. A war is a war, and you cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg.

But is 'thank you' any reason to elect MR back to office? Because when we elect him, we are also electing his brothers, sons, cousins, the Mervyn Silvas and the rest of the rabble rousers. We are not a monarchy, and MR is not a king, despite the many roadside cut outs proclaiming otherwise.

I do not want another 6 years of thugs ruling roost. I do not want another 6 years of nepositic corruption surpassed only by the time of CBK. I do not want to see religion given undue importance because the president needs to bankroll a jumbo cabinet. Developing the country does not mean giving a Rs.300  million contract to your friend when the job could have been done for half the price. Had MR's negatives been less, a  'thank you' vote could have been considered; in this situation, it seems absurd.

But I do not believe a retired army general is qualified to run the country either. What qualifications does SF have, other than the fact that he is not MR? What little respect he had garnered from me dissipated when he decided to hobnob with political tigers (aka TNA). If those are the coming colours, then I would rather be in black and white. There is no point in promising to rid the country of corruption if we are to be watching the tiger dance all over again.

Devil or the deep blue sea - I'm sure I wouldn't be happy with whomever gets elected today, though I'm fairly certain that it would be MR who will be laughing all the way to parliament, once again.

I am also disgusted by the election spectacle we witnessed on Facebook and Kottu. People supported SF simply because he wasn't MR, blind to all SF faults and dubious allies. MR campaign seemed to be run by the same sycophants who erected his cutouts: king king king, war victor war victor war victor. All the irrationality available in the country seems to split between the two groups of supporters.

Ah well, whoever wins today, it'll just end up being more of the same.

AKA Dances With Wolves In Outer Space, Where The Script Got Lost During Take-Off.

Ok, so the special effects were amazing. Outstanding CGI. Breathtaking visuals. But couldn't James Cameron have taken 1 year out of the 11 that went into making Avatar to script a better a story?

I mean, unobtainium? Really? Really?

Did anyone else notice that a gazillion years into the future, America has the technology to create Avatars but a wheelchair is still a wheelchair? No improved mechanics, nothing that is less cumbersome, no brain-waves operated wheels. That's right. They are able to create 10-foot giant Smurfs (on a diet) that are operated by the brain of a human who is miles away, but a wheelchair is still a wheelchair.

While we are at it, Avatar leads us to the following conclusion: a gazillion years into the future, America still does not have universal healthcare. In fact, a soldier injured during battle will have to bargain to receive medical treatment that would effectively undo the wound.

On to the 10-foot Smurfs and their planet. The giant Smurfs speak English. Randomly. Even though they despise humans. The giant Smurfs are also a hybrid of Native Indians and African tribes. No, really. They dress like Pocahontas, but they sing like the cast of Lion King (no, I didn't mean Elton John).

Everything, and I mean everything on Pandora is a stretched out, more dreamy version of Earth, past or present. No strange silicon-based life forms à la X-Files here (Firewalker, Season 2). All animals are variants of those from the Jurassic period. All plant life resembles what you would see if you went deep sea diving. Or took a walk through a rainforest. Everything is green, blue, pink and purple. I have seen more imaginative ideas on what alien life (good or evil) would seem like in '80s Japanese anime than I did through the entire run time of Avatar.

Dances with Wolves, this (sadly) is not. Unfortunately, Avatar also doesn't come up to the standard set by Cameron in classics such as Aliens or Terminator (yes, I am ignoring the bubblegum Titanic on purpose).

If James Cameron insists on making films like Titanic and Avatar henceforth, here's hoping that the next one takes 22 years in the making.

Should have posted this last month, but better late than never.

This was late at night in early December - I think the second day it started to snow.

One the way to bus halt...and yeah, unlike those who were whimpering in England and staying cooped up inside because of 5 cm of snow, this kind of weather didn't keep any of us indoors!

Then there was the squirrel who was completely oblivious to the snow, the wind and my camera!

(the dark brown blob is a squirrel)

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